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How do all of the actors and singers have such great teeth?

We all love celebrities for different number of reasons. Singers and actors provide us with entertainment in every form possible. Since most of them are always in the limelight, much attention to their outward appearances is given. For the most part, their teeth and smile are always front and center. But contrary to popular belief, not all celebrities are born with perfect smiles and teeth. Which leaves open the question of how exactly do celebs end up with such great looking teeth?

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As it is with most famous people, they obtain their superior smiles via oral makeovers. The moment celebrities start becoming more famous, they visit a tooth expert. Having money plays a major role in how perfect your smile and teeth can be. Thanks to technological advancements in the dentistry field, there are many ways to accomplish this. For instance, a person can find a dentist in their area to get implants done. How much you end up paying for them will vary. The cost is usually based on exactly how many teeth are damaged or need to be replaced. Plus, there are other options when it comes to the kind of artificial implants used. Some are fixed bridges, cemented crowns, snap on or removable bridges and screw retained crowns.

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In addition to those options, there are several others to consider. For celebrities or anyone who wants a perfect smile and teeth, they can use braces. As of now, there are tons of different styles and methods involving braces. Some are invisible or harder to see than those from years ago. Criteria such as your age, the type of braces you choose and your insurance determines the total cost.

Singers and actors also get perfect teeth and smiles by getting dental veneers done. This procedure involves a person getting another layer of material that goes over their original teeth or tooth. Not only is this an awesome way for your teeth to look aesthetically pleasing, but also helps protect them from damage. In other cases, celebrities and people who can afford it rely on caps. Another name for this procedure will be crowns. Professional dentists create and prepare the tooth which they later put on you.

All over the world, you have celebrities who use implants to make their smiles perfect. Of course this process is not just for famous people since anyone can get it done. A great way to think of dental implants is by seeing them as artificial teeth. They are screwed on or placed in your jawbone. In turn, the dental implants end up bonding with your natural teeth. Perhaps one of the most widely used dental procedures by celebs and people all over is teeth whitening. In part, it is because this is something some do on a regular basis. More so if the person smokes, drinks a lot of coffee and so on.

In the end, there are countless celebrities who have had some form of dental work done. Some of them are Miley Cyrus, Julia Roberts, Gwen Stefani, Lindsay Lohan, Nicholas Cage and many others.