When you have plans to be a successful actor, you need to learn from expert acting teachers, who are often successful actors themselves. There are five prestigious schools for acting that are renowned for producing a lot of the world’s best actors in the industry of entertainment.

Yale School of Drama– New Haven, Connecticut

Yale School of Drama offers exceptional graduate professional training in acting. Yale provides in-depth classroom training that is coupled with wide-ranging production work. Their students have the chance to apply for production opportunities at Yale Cabaret, at Yale Rep, and at school.

Julliard – New York

The Julliard School is a performing arts conservatory that was opened in 1905. This school of drama is pushing their students to challenge their acting skills. The trainings and classes are state-of-the-art and undoubtedly hard, but those very few who are accepted here becomes the best at what they do after acting school.

NYU Tisch School of the Arts – New York City

Tisch is honing their students to have the intellectual and artistic know-how to become utterly successful in their chosen path for the entertainment world. They have an undergraduate program for acting that focuses on conservatory training that is powerfully blended with an empowering academic curriculum.

National Institute of Dramatic Art – Kensington

NIDA is dedicated to provide their acting students the necessary foundation to make it in the real entertainment world. They highly prepare and train their students for three years to make them ready to reach their goals of being great actors. Their classes involve classroom exercises, workshop staging of plays, in-depth scenework, and full-scale productions.

Oxford School of Drama – Woodstock, England

The Oxford School of Drama has been providing excellent acting classes for around 30 years. They only accept students of the art of drama who are extremely dedicated and committed to become better actors. Their instructors are highly qualified for the job, and their students are completely dedicated to be the best that they can be as actors.