The entertainment industry is a complex world that only the fittest can survive. There are many aspiring actors who failed to make it in the industry, and here are the top five reasons why.

No genuine talent

Thousands, if not millions of aspiring actors dream about being a star, but many of them do not have the genuine talent for acting. Acting is a gift that can improve with proper schooling and training, but if someone is not born gifted and do not have the resources to pursue acting education, then failure is not shocking.

Poor management

The entertainment world has seen many talented and not-so-talented actors careers go down the drain due to bad management by those who manages their acting career.

No confidence

There is no room for low self-esteem in the acting environment. Hopeful actors failed in their goals because they have no confidence to make it in this industry.It takes a whole lot of guts to face the harshness of the world of entertainment. Having a gullible and soft heart is a disaster.

Heart over career

The heart loves who it chooses to love. So many actors chose to leave the entertainment craze because of love. They fall in love, and their partners are jealous of other and so they keep the actors to themselves. And these actors lost their way from the glow of the entertainment crowd because they prefer to follow their heart and sacrifice their careers.

No work ethic

Work ethic is crucial to any actor. If an actor does bear responsibility of the work, then less and less producers and directors will want to work with a no-ethic actor. It is important to respect the job and put everything on each project. Neglect or not caring about others on the industry or projects given is a sure way down the road to leaving showbizness.